We're Living Chaohuan (i.e., Beyond the Unreal)

Welcome to meatspace!

a month ago

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Welcome to meatspace!

We're all living a goddamned nightmare. Climate change is turning the planet into a lifeless rock. Capitalism has bankrupted the poor of quality of life. Democracy is nothing but a farce.

We live at a time when work-class folks are being paid by right-wing groups to push an agenda of the wealthy, who only wish to make a profit, despite the body count.

We live at a time when a virus is a seen as a hoax by people wearing protective gear meant to keep them safe from viruses.

We live in a country, where the president of the United States believes, and truly believes, he was chosen by God to lead the United States.

We live in a country where we have homeless all over, food shortages, and a morally suspect medical industry bleeding people dry. Meanwhile, profits have never been higher. The stock market has never looked better.

Welcome to chaohuan, the ultra-unreal, beyond the unreal.

G. Michael Rapp

Published a month ago


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