Dear Readers,

"The Pipeline" will be featuring a number of new blog posts. These blog posts will cover topics concerning higher education, history, gaming, virtual worlds, storytelling opportunities in virtual worlds, and so (so) much more! A list of possible titles have been listed below. Some titles may change to suit the needs to the postings in question.

—"The Death of Higher Education?" [Part II]

—"The Eight-Hundred-Pound Gorilla in Higher Education's Basement: Assessment"

—"The Medieval Origins of Higher Education"

—"The Origins of Community College Education in the United States"

—"Understanding Role-Playing Games and Their Appeal"

—"Why Are Games So Important?"

—"How Video Games Explain the World"

—"Gaming Culture and the Fear of Meritocracy"

—"eSports Go to College"

—"Designing Virtual Worlds" [Part I]

—"Designing Virtual Worlds" [Part II]

—"Designing Virtual Worlds" [Part III]

—"Designing Virtual Worlds" [Part IV]

—"Designing Virtual Worlds" [Part V]

—"Autonomy in Virtual Worlds"