My social media platform is quite limited, as I do not believe in social media hype. Social media are problematic as a way to engage audiences. I am struggling to figure out how to use social media platforms. I have watched many speculative fiction authors move toward social media and away. It's like the tides—ebb and flow. However, with the last few congressional hearings, I've noticed that many authors, particularly speculative fiction authors, have been pulling away from social media, and they seem to be exploring new venues that are effective, simple, and fun for the audiences. Blogs are great, but there isn't the same joy as liking (or reacting), sharing/retweeting, etc. that come with traditional social media platforms.

However, I think the business models of most social media platforms aren't sustainable. For example, you need to always post in Facebook, in order to keep your page from being unpublished by Facebook. Furthermore, if you don't post on a regular basis on Twitter, your tweets don't really reach much of an audience. If we take Reddit, for example, we find that the numbers touted by social media are garbage—they aren't as vast as the creators are claiming. The Reddit CEO (?) claimed that numbers of unique visitors to Web sites like Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, etc. were skewed every time a visitor moved between cell towers. In reality, it's a Ponzi scheme masquerading as the "best thing one can do" when it comes to exposure. I say, the best exposure is getting yourself out there. Sell a story. Make a podcast. Do a stream on YouTube. Yes, unfortunately, use social media as well, but don't rely on it solely, as they aren't quite as good as they are touted.

Rant aside, I believe I will use more socially responsible social media platforms for my author’s platform. In other words, I believe I will use Goodreads, as I believe it has a better reputation, as far as social media are concerned. Moreover, I believe that this social media platform is less antagonistic, although it can be quite antagonistic given the right users. I like the integration Goodreads has with Amazon, although problematic, and with other sites like Google and Facebook. This makes sharing easier and, more importantly, something that is both fun and constructive for my own purposes.