The following list is a collection of my work over the past ten years. I am continually adding new stories and essays along the way. Although I'm not usually a fan of shortform writing, I have grown fond of the abilities of shortform writers like George Saunders, Michael Swanwick, and even Ted Chiang, and I have pushed myself to improve my short form writing.. Most of my short stories, to date, can be found in my recent short story collection, Café at the End of the Internet, published by Clayborn Press (AZ). For my essays, you can always find what I am up to by visiting Medium or Palabras.

My plans are to bring together another collection of short stories under the title At the Edge of Tomorrow. At the Edge of Tomorrow will serve as a more cohesive collection than Café at the End of the Internet, centering on the development of future societies, cultures, and technologies.

I also plan on collecting my writings about world-building in a one-stop reference-work and storytelling manifesto called The World-Builders' Formulary.