Please read my policies concerning reviews below before sending anything.

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Please read my policies concerning reviews below before sending anything.

The Pipeline is currently accepting, at my discretion, e- and print-ARCs, -galleys, and –books for review consideration from publicists, authors, agents, indie publishers, small presses, etc. You can contact me via my Google Forms contact/information sheet (see this link for details).

Please keep in the mind the following:

1.      I only respond to offers that interest me.

2.      I only read and review nonfiction books meant for adults. I am not interested in any other genre.

3.      I never charge for reviews, but reviews do take time. F you want a review by a certain date, be sure to offer me at least three to four months in advance. This will allow me to read your book thoroughly and offer critiques and summaries that will benefit potential readers.

4.      My e-Reader is a Kindle (oldie but goodie), and I read on my iPhone and iPad. Make sure you send .mobi, ,epub, or .pdf files only—nothing else will be accepted.

5.      I write for Medium and I write on my blog. I don’t rely on social media, but I will use my Twitter account to post new reviews. I do not post reviews on Goodreads or Amazon, as I believe my reviews are too long to fit those particular formats. All reviews will be available on my personal Website’s blog, “The Pipeline.” These reviews will be featured, meaning they will have a white and red star next to them, and they will be organized under the “Reviews” topic heading on my website.

6.      I promise a fair review, but I don’t promise a review that tells readers to “Go buy this book—now!” I believe in offering criticism, competitive titles, and some background information on the writer and the content of the book itself.  If you’ve ever read The New York Review of Books or even the London Review of Books, you will get an idea of how I approach book reviews.