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Primordial Debts is the byproduct of decades-long fascination with medieval worlds. Yes, I said that correctly. The medieval worlds that we hear about in the history books are so much stranger, richer, and more complicated than what we often see in medieval fantasy (Think: J.R.R. Tolkien's LoTR or George R. R. Martin's ASOIF). It is the mission of this new Web serial, and its world-building, to share some of that weirdness, that richness, that complicated mess that existed in the medieval worlds. It is also my hope that we can get over the white-washed renditions of medieval fantasy. Medieval worlds were complex, diverse, and, if I'm totally honest, quite alien compared to our own modern societies. The medieval mind would not understand our propensity for mass violence due to nationalist whims. The medieval mind would not understand our push for a capitalist world order. To say something is positively medieval would be taken as an insult in some ways, as it should be. The medieval worlds that inspired Primordial Debts were just as civilized, just as worth knowing, just as important to the slow grind of history, as anything that came before or after them.

The world of Primordial Debts assumes that humans, or at least human-analogs, are the dominant species on the planet. The name of Primordial Debts' world goes by many names, names that will be uncovered throughout the course of the novel's progress. (It is important to note that these names are contingent upon the cultures, the languages, and the mythologies they emerge from within the novel.) Further, the world of Primordial Debts is envisioned to be a sort of Earth-analog, but it deviates in interesting ways that I hope all of you will enjoy.

My plan for Primordial Debts is quite simple—at least I hope it turns out that way. I plan on publishing a new chapter, something between 1,250 and 3,000 words in length, each Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, starting 06 November 2019, until the conclusion of the narrative itself. I have no grandiose plans as far as word count is concerned. However, I envision this being a lengthy adventure, one that will require some time to tell. With that said, this is merely a rough draft version of the text, something that will grow with audience engagement and revision and editing over time.

Overall, Primordial Debts is indebted to those giants whose shoulders I stand on. This novel is, at its heart, a story of political intrigue, of everyday life in a medieval-analog universe, and, more importantly, it is meant to be a real exploration of the human condition.

I hope you all enjoy what comes forth. If you have any questions or would like to know more about a given character, a royal dynasty, a religion, a culture, or a language, consider reviewing my WorldAnvil wiki for details (coming soon) or sending me an e-mail message: I also welcome any commentary, questions, or even banter concerning Primordial Debts, its characters, and its world(s).

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