I’ve been rereading Janet Murray’s Hamlet on the Holodeck. The interesting thing is that Hamlet on the Holodeck discusses the future of narrative in cyberspace. Moreover, it postulates that the future of narrative may not be as alien as we’d suspect. Instead, it argues that the future of narrative will be standing on the shoulders of giants, and, more importantly, we shouldn’t fear the interactive and immersive nature of future narratives, despite the detractors out there.

With that said, I have been experimenting with my own interactive and immersive narrative. It’s a funky text that has been sitting in the back of my mind for a while now. It is called Yanoh Estahkadoh , which follows the exploits, the worldviews, and the like of dozens of different characters. The narrative itself is multiform in nature. Moreover, it is open-ended, almost sandbox-like, much in the way you’d experience an open-world video game. Although experimental in nature, it still relies (heavily) on the traditional elements of narrative–character development, plot, setting, world-building, and so on.

What will come of Yanoh Estahkadoh? I have no idea. It might be destined to remain as a series of files on my hard drive. However, my hope is that I can have it produced and uploaded to a subdomain on this Website. Only time will tell. In the mean time, I am hard at work on my near-future sci-fi book, A Protracted Game, which is going to be finished by August, if all goes well.