Some fun words about me and my diverse writing lives.

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Some fun words about me and my diverse writing lives.

A writer who believes in exploring the world, the human species, and the future through speculative-fiction and nonfiction.

My pen name is G. Michael Rapp, a riff on my legal name, Gregory M. Rapp. I was born in Grand Forks, North Dakota, one of the original nuclear weapons capitals of the world—at that time. However, I was later raised in and around the San Juan Mountains of southern Colorado, where I learned about the stars and how to pan for gold.

I began writing, cliché as it may sound, when I was in the first-grade. (Actually, it was after I was forced to come up with my own illustrated story for class that I got the idea that I liked (really loved) writing.) During my early writing years, I wrote about military helicopters and monsters with lasers and three-eyed aliens. Much of my early writing was done on paper with crayons, an old (deep orange) typewriter my grandfather gave me, or with ballpoint pen and paper.

As an adult, I love to write fiction and non-fiction alike, focusing on technology, politics, and cultural change, among other things. My goal as an adult writer seems simple enough: Change the world by making it a better place than when I entered it. That is what the optimist in me hopes, really yearns, for. However, the pessimist in me thinks we’re all rats in a cage, given too much free will and reason for our own good. You’ll probably notice this battle between optimist and pessimist in my stories, my blog postings, and in my tastes in music, books, video games, etc. (I write on my MacBook Air these days, but I still use pen and paper and the old AlphaSmart Neo2 for those days when inspiration has left me.)

I write to entertain, to explore, and to help others (temporarily) escape into another life, another universe, another time. I create characters who will haunt your dreams, stay with you for days or weeks at a time, and I believe in writing characters who are real. I write about social, cultural, and technological change, along with very human issues like love, loss, deception, intelligence, sentience, isolation, and alienation. The optimist in me wants to make the world a better place through my writing. The pessimist in me knows that this may be harder than the optimist would like to admit.

I have been featured in Space Opera: Writers contest anthologies, Question of the Day: The Andre Polk Memorial Anthology, and the mythology anthology, Tome of Fables. I have also won several awards for my short stories featured in Eastern New Mexico University’s official literary journal, El Portal. I have recently finished (and published) my first book, Café at the End of the Internet. My short nonfiction has been featured in Palabras and on Medium. I am the editor and Website manager for Palabras (Clovis Community College’s literary journal).

Future writing projects include an adult nonfiction book on surveillance, privacy, and social media in the twenty-first century. I am also mulling over a few fiction projects, but I don't know what will happen to these. Much of my blog's topics include world-building, craft, controversial issues, and the future of storytelling, gaming, software, and entertainment.

If you'd like to know more about me, consider reviewing the interviews I have participated in over the last two or three years. They can be found here.